Judi Brown

Judi Mathews is an English stand up comedian and presenter. She started her comic career in 2021 and quickly went from being a panellist for the ITV comedy show Loose Women to a contestant on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing competition. She is now competing in the second series of Strictly Come Dancing as well as appearing on the short-lived British comedy series Fatherknows Best.


Her love of eating food and going out to eat is shown in her routine, ‘Eat my lunch’, where she talks about how bad a day at the office can be because all she wants to do is go out and have some fun. The first time I saw her on Strictly, she said that it was the first time in her life that she had auditioned for a British television show. It is definitely true that while she has been on many TV shows before, she has never auditioned for a British comedy show while still living in London. Having grown up in Llandudno, in a seaside town like her local town of Motherwell, it would seem that this is not a difficult thing to achieve for a woman who has grown up surrounded by water and fish.

After a failed attempt to get into the British film industry, Judi decided to try her luck in Hollywood. After appearing in a few minor films, she finally got her big break in the movie world, playing the lead role of Lady Macbeth in the well known Shakespeare’s Macbeth. While this film featured Judi as a much-loved, and oftentimes misunderstood, character, Macbeth is arguably one of the most infamous plays in history. And judging from her lines in this film and the many that follow it, Judi will continue to be a main player in many dramas and movies to come. There is no doubt that Judi has achieved an incredible amount of success since her days on Mums and Dad’s Show, but this success has also enabled her to reach a whole new level of stardom.

While attending drama school, Judi started to show a distinct talent for acting. She has appeared in a number of successful movies, including the Harry Potter films, as well as a turn as a psychotic villain in the movie Kingpin. Her turn as Macbeth in the Macabre London series of movies earned her a Golden Globe nomination for her work in that film. While at drama school, Judi honed her skills in both acting and singing. While her musical talents were not as celebrated as her acting ones, she did find time to perform in a number of local theaters. Her experience in the theater eventually led her to London, where she found work both in the theater and behind the scenes as a model and assistant director.

The late 1990s brought more success for Judi. She finally won the National Comedy Awards for her role as Macbeth in Shakespeare’s Macabre London, which was later made into a major motion picture. For her efforts in that film, Judi received an Oscar nomination. Not only was Judi a finalist for the role of Macbeth, but she also was nominated for the first time for the best actress category for that year’s Oscars. It was an amazing award for someone who had never been nominated for an Academy Award before.

Judging by her track record, Judi should have been nominated for every Academy Awards since the nominations began in 1967. However, she was unable to win any of the awards for best actress or best choreographer. Instead, her luck was focused elsewhere, and she enjoyed a near decade of steady work on stage and screen, including numerous turns in musicals. Eventually, Judi became one of the best-known British actors of the naughtier era, thanks to such films as Saturday Night Fever and Don’t Worry, Be Happy. She has managed to make an impression on American viewers too, with such turns as Elizabeth Taylor in Meet the Parents and Elle Macpherson in The Blind Side.