The Meaning of Judi – A Lucky Number for Her Wealth

Judi means honor and Talaq mean drawing (examples: tattoo). Look it up wiktionary, the free online dictionary. Judi is an Arab name, which means “jewel”. It’s also an Arabic word referring to a hill mentioned in the Quran. So basically, Judi means a woman who is beautiful, smart, and sacred.


Judi was born in Yafur, Jordan. She was the youngest of six children and was given the name Yafur Chana before her parents died when she was only three. When she was a toddler, her mother passed away and her father took her into his custody. The death of her stepmother prompted this young lady to start studying the Quran and to read the Old Testament. She became so knowledgeable that she felt she could speak about the Old Testament in Islamic terms because she had learned enough to pass an Islamic test.

So here we have the interesting history of the judi name meaning. Judi means “draw near” or “to bow”. This was a very important message for her to learn because she wanted her son to be respectful of women. In Islamic cultures, being a woman with a high social status is referred to as “judai” or “mahram”.

After her parents died, Judi moved from Jordan to Cairo, Egypt. There she lived until she was twenty years old. One of her cousins married a man whose family was originally Jewish but who changed their name to Judi Chana. This is where the name “Judi” originates from. And what a lucky number for anyone looking for the judi name meaning!

In modern times, Judi is an Arabic name which means “peace”. However, the name originates from the judy name meaning “one who gives”. This is what gives Judi such a special and lucky number.

Judi is very blessed. She has a long line of accomplishments and educational achievements to boast of. She has a long line of lovers who love her very much. Her star is on the rise; she will be a huge star in Asian art, movies, and music come from the future.

Judi’s son was with his father when he was named. Judi’s son is now twenty-one years old. He was not named immediately after his birth though. His name was actually taken when his father became blind.

Judi, being the only woman in the family with a straight Azalite name, was chosen for her lucky number, six. It is also said that this was because her birth month is also known as “exert Allah bint al-khassar”, which literally means “God is pleased with your luck”. Judi is not alone however, in the Al-Azhar family. The other members of the clan have a unique lucky number as well.

Judi is a name that means “judgment” and “glory”. When translated it means “king of beauty”. Judi is a name that will be remembered for many years to come. In Arabic, it is called “Al-Judah” meaning “the dwelling of judgement”. Judi is truly a name that is full of meaning.