Judi Lewis

Judi Mathews is an English actress and stand up comedian. She started her stand up career in 2021 and since then has become a panellist on the ITV show Loose Women as well as a competitor on the BBC talent show MasterChef. In addition to competing in the soon to be popular BBC competition series Masterchef, she will also be appearing in the popular TV series Strictly Come Dancing, where she will be competing against fellow British contestant Joanna Scanlon.


Judi is originally from Kent and has said that she has always been a fan of pop culture. She has appeared in a number of popular films including Bridesmaids, Notting Hill and How I Live Now. She was also in the movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

Judi first came to the attention of American audiences when she appeared on stage in a New York theater as a member of the experimental theatre group called The Lyrical Productions. The group went on to form the band Shabazz Palates and later reformed again as Jody Watley and judi herself. Her appearance on stage was met with rapturous reviews in the American press and her performance soon earned her a regular gig at the acclaimed comedy club improvisation theatre in New York. Recently she was cast in a role in the award winning film The Blind Side. Her co-stars in that film were Steve Martin and Ben Stiller. Since then she has grown to be one of the most popular and successful comedians in the world.

Judi is well known for her appearances on stand up comedy shows such as Have You Seen This? and The Daily Show. She has also released several live comedy albums. Her most recent album was titled What’s My Line and was released in 2021. She has also released a number of specials for television, including one entitled Queen for Sure.

Judi is often compared to the legendary performer Leona Lewis because both have parodied famous figures from their days. Lewis was a pioneer in using her mother’s maiden name in her comedy performances but judi prefers to use her real name. Both women have also said that their respective mother’s maiden name was not meant to be used in their comedy acts. In fact, Lewis once said that her mother felt that her daughter’s stage name was inappropriate for her profession. In addition to her mother’s frustration, Leona also felt that her mother’s name did not fit the character she was playing.

Judi Lewis has been rewarded many times for her work as a stand up comedian. She has received many awards for her work and was even nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her role in Rain Main. She has also received a Golden Globe nomination for her work in that film. Judi will next be seen in the movie Edward Scissorhands with Tim Burton.