A Love Story That Could Change the World

Judi has always known she wants to be a top swimmer but had never given any thought to entering the Olympic water. But her friend convinces her and she gets going, joining a swim club and soon learning she wants to do even more than just swim. Soon Judi finds herself placing higher and faster than many of the other new comers and makes it to the summer competition. But is she fast enough to win?

The waters are cold and visibility is poor. There’s a lot of wind blowing and it’s going to be tough to get around. But as she paddles along in the quarter-mile race, she discovers she can do some surprising things in the water. She’s quicker than many of the people and even pulls out a personal time record but there is still a long way to go.

As the race goes on, her confidence grows. She feels stronger and more assured. There may be no way she can beat these other people, she realises, but at least she is making a start. But as the course approaches the finish line she starts to worry. Will she win? Will she even come second?

You’ll be happy to know that if you don’t win, you’ll have plenty of chances to redeem yourself. At the end of the race, when it all becomes a race against the clock, you will have the opportunity to display your mettle once again. You can try for gold or silver. If you fail, then you still have lots of chances to improve. Who knows – maybe in ten years you’ll be swimming in the Olympic Games?

Judi now sees swimming for what it really is – an amazing, wonderful experience that brings you closer to nature. She has taken this chance to turn her dream into reality. She plans to practice as often as possible and take as many classes as she can. She also wants to swim wherever she can. Now that she’s had some success, she’s already talking about going to Sri Lanka to compete in the Olympics. Although she acknowledges there are still kinks to be worked out, she’s confident she’ll do well.

Judi’s story reminds us that no matter how unlikely a relationship seems, it rarely goes wrong. When you love someone, you hope things will work out. Sometimes they do. This is one positive, successful ending to a troubled relationship. Congratulations Judi on starting your new life.