Judi the Jeweler From Haifa

Judi means joy and Talaq means to kill. These two names have always been associated with each other. In Islamic Law, peace and happiness are the objectives of life. Judi can either be a male or female saint. According to Jewish doctrine, Judi was the wife of Mohammed and the mother of Isaac.


Some sources say that Judi was the daughter of a rabbi, Aaron of Ben-haddah. The name Judi translates as “joy” in Hebrew. Look up judi on Wikipedia, the free online dictionary. Judi is a common name with multiple meanings.

It’s an English name meaning beautiful woman or beautiful flower. Judi was born in California. Some sources say that she was born to an American Jewish family in what is now Mandatory Jerusalem. Others believe she was a British citizen. Many will remember Judi from the film, Saturday Night Fever.

Judi was one of six daughters born to rabbi, Aaron of Ben-Haddah. The name Judi has multiple meanings. It’s an English name meaning beautiful woman or beautiful flower. It’s an Arabic name meaning mountain, a place of pilgrimage, or a dwelling or resting place for God. Many will remember Judi from the movie, Saturday Night Fever.

According to Jewish legend, Judi was the wife of Moses’ son, Joseph. While shopping in Egypt, Joseph came upon a pregnant Judi. She would often carry a basket of fruits and vegetables back to her son. While not a huge apple, it was the first fruit she ever picked out.

Judi Perlman was born in Bergen, New Jersey in March of 1944. She had worked previously in Britain as a waitress, and later in Hollywood. Judi Perlman was an award winning actress throughout her career.

In 2021, Judi Perlman accepted the Best Actress award for her performance in Ben-Hur. She was also nominated for Oscars for Munich (1967), Grease (1974), Man on the Moon (inevitably known as Moonrise) and Swing Vote (also known as Swing) She was seventy years old at the time of her death. Many people are aware of her performance in Breathless and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. However, most people are unaware of her background in British cinema, or her awards and accolades throughout her lifetime.

Judi Perlman was born in what is now Israel. Her parents were Yefam and Leonel. They made their home in what is now Haifa, Israel. Her mother was Yafra Perlman, an ethnic minority jewellery designer whose family originated in what is now Jerusalem.

Following the Passover holiday, during which God began his miracles, she and her family returned to Egypt, where her father died. From there, her family moved to Bombay, India, where her mother earned a living by taking seamstresses to Mombasa. During this period, her role model wasioputah, the legendary Egyptian queen who had three daughters, Yara, Ayseer and Na’ara.