Who Is Judi Breyer?

Look it up in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Judi means daughter in Hebrew and Spanish and sometimes it refers to a female deity or guardian angel in Christianity. It’s an old short form of the Hebrew word Jud, which is usually spelled Judith. It’s also an Arabic word referring to a hill called Mount Sinai. It could also refer to: Judi, beautiful pageant title winner from Hawaii who actually won the Miss USA 1978 pageant.


Judi was born in Jerusalem during what is referred to as the Bar Mitzvah, the celebration of a girlhood celebration in ancient Israel. It occurred when the girl was nine years old. According to the Bible, her foster-father told her to marry a wise man so that she would have no trouble in getting a good family. Judi wasn’t particularly proud of her foster father’s lack of concern for her and therefore didn’t take her plans seriously. She instead decided to marry a wealthy Spanish merchant and move to Spain with her new husband.

The name Judi is an acronym for Judith Israelite-Bar Mitzvah – according to English records Judi was born in Spain and died in England. Some sources say she was born in Bethlehem, some say in Spain. Either way, she was raised in Spain by her foster father and learned English. She studied business at a British university before going to work for her husband in Britain. She returned to live in Israel and became a well-known figure in the Spanish community.

According to her biography on Judi Breyer’s website, Judi was born knave a village near Nazareth. Her parents were both Yairne and Ruth of Ben-safe. She had two older siblings who were also born inava and one younger brother, Avraham. Her birthday is said to be on September twenty-first, which would make her seventy years old in 2021.

Judi was an outstanding member of the Harel brothers, a successful acting family in the early part of the thirties who had some success in movies such as “Miles away from home” and “The Great Ziegfeld”. The Harel brothers’ most notable actor is Avraham Harel, who is an American actor known for his TV roles such as “Heroes” and “The West Wing”. He also had some successes in movies such as “Amadeus” and “Catch Me If You Can”. The English actress Ruth Gordon was famous throughout the world in her native England, and she is also said to be the model for Judi Breyer.

The biographies on Judi Breyer do not give much information about her childhood or any other aspects of her life. It does say that she was born in Jerusalem, and that she went to Hebrew school and then to college in London. It says that she had a long career in British television, and that she worked for the BBC before retiring. She is the highest paid British actress ever according to estimates, and she is married to the late Richard Samuels. Her son, Michael is the only child born out of those she has had custody of. They are now divorced.