Judi Yashin – Hollywood’s Hottest Female TV Star


Judi Yashin – Hollywood’s Hottest Female TV Star

The word Judi can mean “one having faith” or “one who believes”. Look it up in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Judi is an alternate spelling for Judaic. Judi is an Anglicized form of the Hebrew title Jezebel, which means “God is salvation”. It’s an Arabic term referring to a mountaintop mentioned in the Quran.

Judi was born in America in the city of North Carolina. Her father was a Holocaust survivor who came to America and took his pilgrimage to Jerusalem as an adult. His birth name was Aaron Posner and he worked as an architect for several companies including Consolidated Printing and Corporation of America.

Judi grew up in Southern California and studied art in college at the College of San Francisco. She was one of six graduating seniors when she dropped out to pursue her artistic dreams of becoming a television actress. She met her future husband, actor and musician Kurt Russell while studying theater.

A curious touch of trivia: Did you know that Judi Hertz played tennis five times in her lifetime? She won the US Open twice, the Australian Open once, and the German Open once. She even reached the semi-finals at the Wimbledon Championship four times. She played for the United States in the 1972 Olympics. While many Americans may not have known her, Judi became an icon in her native country of Israel.

Judi Yashin was born in Israel and raised in Brooklyn, New York. As a child, her family lived in an apartment on the East Side of Manhattan. She attended Hebrew school and studied art in both Boston and Colorado. She moved to Los Angeles in the late ’60s, where she appeared in four different TV shows and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. She broke into Hollywood in both films adaptation of her novels and also in her role as Gloria Steinem in “Gidget.”

Judi Yashin is presently married to British television presenter Guy Ritchie. Her son, Michael, is now a well-known stand-up comedian and producer. She continues to work in Hollywood, appearing in TV’s “Ghost Whisperer” as well as numerous commercials. If you like your romance comedies with a twist, then you’ll love Judi Yashin. She is certainly a memorable and beloved character in British television and film history.

Judi Yashin is Jewish according to the traditional texts but was born in Israel according to the Judaic traditions. She is said to have come from a line of leaders who were involved in the desert settlement of Ammon, which was located where present day Israel is located. There, she is said to have given birth to a daughter named Sarah, whose name is also referred to as Sarah ben Hur. The name has multiple roots, including the Hebrew name referring to Mount Horeb, while her maiden name was Sarah el Hevra. Another route that connects her name to the mountains of Jordan is her great-grandmother’s hometown, Tel Aviv, which was located right next to the Western Galilee Mountains.

A number of Judi Yashins throughout the ages have portrayed important characters in both the British and American television casts. Some of these characters include: Gail Lagonda as Libby, a prominent congresswoman; Cherry Coleman as Sharon Stonehouse, a top agent for the International Special Agents; Terri Hatcher as Pamela Anderson, an American congresswoman; and Amy Grant as Madeleine Albright, a US First Lady. Other prominent British actors who have portrayed judi specs include Daniel Craig as a spy for MI5; Tom Selleck as an FBI agent; and David Hasselhoff as a Coast Guard captain. Judi Yashin is one of the most prolific and successful British actresses ever.