Judi Dench – A Personality With a Double D


Judi Dench – A Personality With a Double D

Judi Dench is a British actress. She started working in the theatre in the 1960s, starring in such films as Cabaret and Notes on a Scandal. She then joined the Royal Shakespeare Company. In addition to acting in many theatrical productions, she has starred in several films, including The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and The Queen. In addition to her work as an actress, Dench has received ten BAFTA Awards. Her accolades include Best Actress for A Fine Romance, and Best Supporting Actress for Shakespeare in Love.

A few films have made Dench one of the most famous British actors of all time. Her first major role was in the James Ivory film A Room with a View in 1985. Her next major role came in the James Bond franchise in 1995, playing M. As M, she is the head of MI16 and has a soft spot for 007, but she also has an intensely private side. She was later recast as M in Skyfall (2012).

Despite being a famous British actress, Judi Dench did not have a major role in any of the movies she appeared in. She starred as a supporting character in a few supporting roles, but soon made her breakthrough as a lead character in the James Ivory film A Room with a View in 1985. In 1995, Dench landed her first major role as the mysterious character M in the Bond series, and her role in this series was a memorable one. The character was an essential part of the Bond franchise, and Dench reprised her role as M in the 2012 movie Skyfall.

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