Judi Evans – A Biography

Looking up judi online can be done through a simple search engine query. Look up judi at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Judi is an ancient name with many roots. It’s an acronym for Judi Hamdi, which means “peace-loving woman”. It’s also an Arabic word referring to a white mountain mentioned in the Quran. It can also refer to:


In Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, Act II, Mercutio tells Othello: “Your Judi has been more peaceable, more amiable, and more polite than all our wits combined.” Then later in the same play, Mercutio says: “judi, I have given her thirty such points, and she is not a woman that loves nor hates.” So both quotes are referring to the same individual. Which Judi did not give the point total, according to the source.

According to the dictionary, Judi was a beautiful princess who was married to King Phraortes of ancient Persia, and the mother of Xerxes. She was pregnant at the time of the Persian takeover of Cyprus, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a boy whom she named Pax. The history then goes on to describe how she was sold as a slave to an Egyptian general, and that her life was spent tending to her husband and son. When her master died, she escaped to Cyprus, and lived there for the next seven years before becoming a Jewess.

In modern times, it’s safe to assume that Judi is an Arabic or Hebrew name. However, there are several other interesting heritages, including a possible tribal connection to Judai in Egypt. Her middle name, spelled the same way as the Hebrew word Judel, actually means “one who is dear”. Interestingly enough, both the queen of Sheba and the wife of Abraham were mentioned as carrying a joash. This was a piece of armor that the Israelites used during their military campaigns against the Egyptians.

Another fascinating bit of Judi Evans trivia is that she was actually born in America. Apparently, during an episode of “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives” her character’s mother had passed away, leaving Judi as sole guardian and caretaker of her daughter, Tali. Fortunately for Judi, her rich aunt provided money to pay for the girl’s dowry, which she promptly gave to Judi. As you can imagine, this particular Judi Evans tale received a lot of attention from fans all over the United States. One can only imagine the endless American accents that would be layered upon her character in any movie featuring the character. (The good thing about Judi Evans being such a strong, resilient woman is that even if the audience couldn’t understand her native tongue, they could still relate to her.)

Judi Evans was one of three British actors who actually made it to Hollywood, along with Ian McShane and Carol Burnett. The other two starships were achieved by either Annette Benning or Beverley Hilton. Before she ever reached the Big Apple, however, Judi Evans lived in Britain where she appeared in a number of popular British sitcoms, including “Read My Sex Story”, “That Posh’s Fish”) and “Minder Me Soake”. Interestingly enough, these British shows were some of the few that weren’t associated with the Disney franchise. In fact, prior to “Minder Me Soake”, Judi Evans had never even seen a film produced by the company. Regardless, it was through “Minder Me Soake” that she finally got the chance to star in a feature-length film.