Judi Yashua

Judi means “joy” in English and Japanese. Look it up in wiktionary, the great free dictionary. Judi is an old name with many roots. It’s a short form of the Hebrew title Judel, meaning “joy of the Father”. It’s also an Arabic word referring to a mount mentioned in the Quran.


Judi was actually a boy who was born to parents seeking a better life. His parents died when he was just two and was sold into slavery to a goldsmith. He was sold to an English slave trader in Africa and became a goldsmith in Harrow, in the west of England.

During World War II, Judi served in the British Royal Air Force. He was listed as a serving soldier and his plane was shot down over England. He survived, but not until he was eighty-one years old. This was just before he was cast as the main role in one of the best known films of all time; Ben-Hur.

Judi is portrayed by British actor Michael Caine in the movie version of Ben-Hur. Caine plays the title role of Judi through most of the movie. Then there is Johnny Utah, who is the main character of the Broadway play. Caine had also previously played roles in some other well known movies such as The Damned United, Catch Me If You Can, and Who’s That Sleeping With A Girl. As a television actor, he had guest appearances on a number of popular shows such as ER, Law and Order, and had one of the best seasons ever as John Locke on the TV show Lost. Finally, he played the part of a British soldier in a major movie of 2021, Invictus.

Judi Yashua was born in Kapueokai, Hawaii. According to some sources, she was born in Kapueokai, Oahu, while others state that she was born in Los Angeles. She is the youngest of three children of Dr. Nakau, a Chinese American. She has been described as having blue eyes and dark skin, although other sources state that her skin tone is pale.

The great thing about Judi Yashua being an British actress is that she was able to fulfill her dream of becoming a famous actor in her native land. It was very common for young Chinese girls to be able to attend a boarding school in England where they would meet a variety of famous people including John Hurt and Judi Yashua. It was these people who helped Yashua gain her international success as a british actress.